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We free founders and entrepreneurs from the daily operational grind to focus on what they love: creating, solving problems and bettering lives.


The basics of business. How much cash do you have, where did you spend your money, and how much do you owe in taxes? We set up your system, maintain it, and free you up to focus on other aspects of your business.


Data is only valuable if it's usable and understood. What do the numbers tell you? Use of forecasts, dashboards and metrics helps run a business efficiently, which means more resources available for growth.


Whether it's your first company or 10th, an experienced advisor is a game-changer. Our team brings experience with the finance and accounting of hundreds of companies, available to you whenever and however needed.

Our Approach

You started your company with a passion to solve a problem and better the world. We did the same. Our passion is seeing companies succeed and win. We accomplish this by providing a complete solution to the operational side of the business. This frees founders to focus on development and innovation, knowing that they have a solid business foundation to build on.

Providers we work with:

Our clients go through a standard process to fully implement a robust accounting and finance solution. The time to implement varies, but the process is cumulative and includes:

  • Design and implementation of accounting platform
  • Bookkeeping and daily accounting functions
  • Standardized management reporting
  • Budgets and projections
  • Cash flow management
  • Ratios and other metrics
  • Real-time financial dashboards

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Erin Francis Accountant
Dan Schmidt, CPA Founder / CEO
Jamie Roach Director of Operations

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